What’s your intention for your work and life? Does fulfilling your intention mean you will likely rock the boat? Are you habituated to having everyone feel comfortable? Everyone but you. Certain intentions won’t go away because they serve the greater good. We serve the Integrating Catalysts, the ones most capable of the most good in organizational leadership positions because they can act from the most complex circumstances. Let us explain…We need better managed businesses more than ever in our interdependent global world. For that, business as usual needs a radical makeover. Serving many stakeholders rather than focusing only on stockholders is key to sustainable, prosperous business in a complex and volatile environment. We call the new business leader an Integrating Catalyst. The work of the Integrating Catalyst is both daunting and transformative.Integrating Catalysts are post-conventional or self-authoring. Their relative scarcity is a reason for being marginalized. Marginalization means that those who could really make a difference lose their momentum. The real tragedy is the Integrating Catalysts who are capable of the most good, because they can act from the most complex circumstances, burn out and drop out. Having climbed the career ladder they realized it had been placed against the wrong building! If they wish to move their organizations and their life forward together, they must retrieve and integrate earlier parts of themselves and move with integrity to self expression. They must do that while engaging key support by those around. An exciting and transformative journey awaits. It is best not to undertake it alone…

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IC was founded by Hilary Bradbury as a consultancy for leaders at or on their way to the organizational upper echelon. Our work uses everyday business tasks as the learning laboratory enhanced with individualized coaching and group facilitation. Read More

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D.

Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., is a scholar-practitioner with a focus on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities. Hilary is principal of Integrating Catalysts and founding member of Action Inquiry Associates. She has extensive experience developing talent and enhancing profitability. Her expertise with leadership coaching and facilitation of organizational learning has developed since 1994 through work with BP, Disney, Greater Los Angeles Community College, Harley Davidson, Mattel, Nike, OHSU, Port of LA, … Read More

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What if business were really able to produce Integrating Catalysts, and what if they were themselves the creators of a new status quo, the bridge to organizational transformation that makes the re-humanization of business possible? Read More

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Integrating Catalysts is here for you if you are leading in an organizational system and want to turn the stuck places into gold. Recurring conflict, dysfunctional patterns, chronic misalignments, etc, surprisingly hide untapped potential. Discovering that potential is a developmental path. We will design with you the projects, programs & interventions to leverage untapped energy and integrate at needed levels of individual, team and whole system.


My practice draws on experience with executive coaching, organizational consulting and executive management education over 20 years. We’ll draw on multiple ingredients, usually including some combination of personal, team and organizational level work. The logo, a snake, suggests a transformational, alchemical creature, able to renew herself. Read More