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  • Our practice draws on:
    • Work with corporations, not for profits, and healthcare, applying a mix of executive coaching, organizational change projects and executive seminars.
    • Experience in designing/leading 350+┬ámanagement school seminars including foundations, theory-practice-meaning making, experiential learning and service projects.
    • A partial list of clients includes BP, Disney, Greater Los Angeles Community College, Harley Davidson, HP, Mattel, Nike, OHSU, Port of LA, US Landscapers Assoc., Waste Management, among others
  • Key ingredients:
    • Focus is on combining action and reflection as a seamless whole. The cultivation of seamless practice allows a responsiveness to organizational needs that serves all stakeholders. Key theory and practice components may include some, or all, of the following:
    • Theory of adult developmental leadership; Organizational Learning; OD; Group Dynamics; Participative Action Learning/Research; Adult experiential-conversational learning, Embodied Cognition.
    • Practices of Soft systems thinking, T-group, Mindfulness, Visioning, Project Management, Facilitated Dialogue.
See here Hilary’s brief invitation to the transformational art and science of action research

Hilary illustrates the scope of action research with descriptions of her own work: 1. an example of an executive round table to address pollution in the Los Angeles Basin and 2. an example of mindfulness in a palliative care setting.