What if business were really able to produce Integrating Catalysts, and what if business leaders were themselves the creators of a new status quo, the bridge to organizational transformation that makes the re-humanization of business possible? What if organizational leaders could catalyze the re-orientation of business towards sustainable value creation? What if the Integrating Catalysts in your organization were empowered to act in the interests of humane and deeply ethical organizational behavior vis à vis social stakeholders and the natural world? What would you do as a leader with support and transformation as part of the live-lihood of your organization? Integrating Catalysts is devoted to this possibility.

Your promise is ours:
Generating simultaneous personal, team and organizational development in the following ways:

Intra-personal leadership

  • Identify your action logic and how to lead given paradox and conflicting perspectives
  • Manage to create more of the upsides and less of the downsides of important polarities
  • Increase your capacity to create change at a personal level
  • Clarify core values and narrow the gap between ‘walk and talk’
  • Learn ways to benefit from increased self-awareness
  • Learn ways to increase self-awareness
  • Expand your influence by practicing mutual forms of power
  • Experience greater alignment among intention, planning, action and outcomes
  • Learn to give and receive feedback effectively and naturally

Inter-personal and team leadership

  • Increase alignment within and between teams, departments, divisions
  • Improve capacity to create and lead high-performing teams
  • Reframe your approach in difficult conversations
  • Enhance team capacity by reducing individual competing commitments
  • Strengthen group dynamics in project and department teams
  • Develop skill in harnessing single-, double- and triple-loop feedbackp
  • Enhance influence in desired direction
  • Build commitment and engagement
  • Increase levels of trust and openness in key relationships

System-wide and Organizational level

  • Improve alignment between environment,  organizational identity, strategy and capability
  • Develop a shared understanding of your organizational strategies
  • Leverage diversity to increase cross-cultural capacity
  • Change your organizational culture to better align with your strategy
  • Secure alignment among strategies, resources and action plans
  • Discover and build the capacity to lead today’s workforce (Millennials)
  • Improve organization-wide communication
  • Increase agility in order to meet demands of increasing change and unpredictability