What To Expect

  • I invite initial contact by email: hilary@hilarybradbury.net.
  • If after brief initial email sharing there is a mutual desire for learning more, Hilary will schedule a 20-minute phone consultation with you, at no cost to you. I believe in placing your interests first. Therefore we’d also discuss how best to do that.
  • If you wish to proceed to work together, and if you have not already done so, it may be important that you get acquainted with executive assessments (e.g., Global Development Profile / MBTI). I’d then invite you to schedule one hour of coaching as part of unpacking that assessment.
  • If there is desire to move beyond the initial assessment coaching toward developing as an Integrating Catalyst, Hilary will schedule a 60 minute “intake design” call with you to start into your customized program.
  • Your program may work at one or all system levels (individual, team, and/or organizational). Additionally, you may choose to focus only on professional goals. Or you may choose to broaden the reach to the issue of work-life balance.